Full-time program Acting Intensive

In cooperation with actors from the theatre and television the schauspielfabrik berlin offers a distinct full-time training. The program is aimed at drama enthusiasts who want to fully concentrate on acting, singing, dancing and directing for a period of time.

Participants are taught in the fields of acting, acting for the camera, voice and movement, dance, singing and directing.

Through the combined lessons the tools of the actor – body, voice, gesture, facial expression, as well as emotion and imagination – are bundled and schooled. In addition, the training of observation and the ability to interpret text is an important part of the course. The goal of the full-time program is to have each participant find his/her own individual voice: in the role, as part of the ensemble as well as for themselves.

The course is 21 hours per week for three months. In the third month, students will work on a presentation and perform it in front of an audience.

Application full-time program


(Deutsch) Dreimonatsprogramm Schauspiel Intensiv Herbst 2019
(Deutsch) 9. Septemer - 7. Dezember 2019
Fee: (Deutsch) €1540,-

(Deutsch) Für das Dreimonatsprogramm der schauspielfabrik berlin ist eine Bewerbung notwendig. Hierzu sind neben dem ausgefüllten Anmeldeformular ein aktuelles Passfoto sowie die formlose Angabe der persönlichen Ziele im Bereich des Schauspiels erforderlich. Die Bewerbungsunterlagen schicken Sie bitte entweder per Post oder per Mail an die schauspielfabrik berlin.